Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Arsen: A Broken Love Story


Arsen: A Broken Love Story

By Mia Asher 

All I can say is wow.
This is definitely an emotional roller coaster. 
I have never been so conflicted before reading a book. Team Ben or Team Asher?

I felt for Cathy. I really did. I was worried when I read reviews that I would hate her for cheating. And for a minute there I did. Ben was great. I was waiting and hoping for him to do something, anything, to make it seem like Cathy was better off without him, but it never comes. 

The gravitational pull to Asher seemed natural though. It was slow moving and didn't seemed forced just to great conflict. What I loved the most was that even though Ben was amazing and no woman would really want to stray from this man, I could understand Cathy's indecision and wants. 

The story is slow moving in the beginning with a lot of backstory and flashbacks. Without this the reader wouldn't fully understand the situation and be as emotionally invested. So as much as I was itching to get to the good parts, I was glad we took the walk down memory lane. 

After reading I couldn't stop thinking about the characters. What happens to them? How are they feeling now. My mind was spinning. I loved it. It was raw and real. No fake and fluff. Just real raw emotions. It was refreshing. Great book! 

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