Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Compile Epub from Scrivener

·    I was able to use Scivener to create my epub and upload it to Smashwords with no errors!
     Below is step by step instructions along with photos to get a perfect ebook!

       Make sure your story is complete and you have the necessary front matter such as:

·      Cover, Dedication & Copyright. 
    Note on Copyright Page & Dedication: If using the pre made pages in Scrivener, Delete the returns on the pages so that the first lines of texts are at the top. You can have about 3 but 5 or more will throw AutoVetter errors


Under Compile 

·      Select E-Book
·      Select the Folder [Which will be your title]
·      Include Front Matter
·      Select Cover - Note: This should not be your actual full size cover. This shows on the inside of the ePub and should be 600x900

Under All Options:
·      Select Your Chapters

Under Separators
·      Select Page Break  [This will make a new chapter start on a new page. If you choose empty line, the chapter will start immediately after.]
·      The remaining 2 option [Folder & Text and Text & Folder] do not apply to my draft because each chapter is it’s own folder. I would suggest Empty line if you do

Under Cover
·      Make sure your cover is here

Under Formatting
·      Select the Titles and texts you want to show up.
·      For Example, Each text is a chapter, and I named each text Chapter #
·      You can add some page padding. I added 4

    You should not need to make any changes in the remaining options

    Save these settings as a preset!
·      Under Format As: Select Manage Compile Presets Format
·      Click the + button and make a name for this. I made mine “eBook for Smashwords”

After you compile I suggest checking it at an ePub Validator HERE

There are many more options you can play around with. This is just the basics to get an acceptable file to distribute. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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