Friday, February 7, 2014

Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy #1) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy #1)

This was a great book. It was refreshing. It was funny, creative and all around wonderful. It was hot and fun. I was worried it would be cliche. Good girl finding a bad boy with tattoos and a motorcycle. I was wrong. 

I loved the chemistry these two had right away. Sparks and fireworks the moment they see each other. I loved it. 

The story progresses with Leo and Nora wanting to be together but can't. I was slightly hesitant to read this book at first. Reading the description, I thought I wouldn't be intrigued by the storyline. To be honest, I thought the age difference wasn't a good enough reason to stay and apart and I would grow bored and restless. I was gladly proved very wrong. I couldn't put the book down and loved every second of it. 

Let us start with Nora. She's 19 and lives a perfect life with perfect parents and perfect grades. She hates it. She snaps and decides she is going to be bad. I felt bad for her, always trying to impress and never feeling like she is good enough. My heart broke for her.

I felt like I could relate to her. She was real. She was funny and I caught myself laughing aloud at some of her thoughts.
She was weird and quirky. She had odd habits but I found them endearing. She counts things obsessively and has a fixation on words. She a genius so they are big smart words. She spells them and repeats them to herself to keep calm. She does this thing with her moms china, that is odd, but awesome. Some would think she is crazy, and she even thinks she is crazy, but I liked it. It was interesting to read. It was different and unique. And creative. Nora is like every american girl, but so quirking and unique and the same time. 

She has a secret that is hinted to often and I kept reading and reading to figure it out. I kinda had a idea of it early on, and I prayed I was wrong. I was not, and I underestimated the severity.

While Nora is lashing out and trying to be a bad girl, I was excited for her and worried for her. I was excited this good girl was going to live a little and have fun, for once in her life. I wanted to cheer her on. At some point, I became worried. She was drinking alone and going to far. She was just getting too reckless. 

Leo is her object of affection. He is hot and older and owns a gym. He has custody of his younger brother, who is about Nora's age, after his parents die. With Leo trying to raise a kid that is in Nora's school, the age is a factor and an obstacle for these two. Leo also has commitment issues, not wanting to lose anyone else he loves like he did his parents. The attraction between the two was strong right from the start. Nora tries to seduce him only to be turned down. There's jealousy and chick fights. There was more depth to the story than the blurb lead on. 

The supporting characters are great. I loved Sebastian and Mila [next book PLEASE]. I loved Teddy. I will just say I do not know if I have read a book with an Autistic character. He was well written and wasn't made out to be scary, or over the top. Nora is unsure how to act around him at first, but she bonds with him, and understands him. As she says, she's different too.

What I loved the most about this book [and its hard to decided] is that although it was hot and dirty at time, the story was about love. LOVE. Not just lust, want, need and hot and wild sex, which all that was there. There was heart soaring love and talk of soul mates. 

Favorite Line: "Some days you just need a theme song to get through the day" - Nora

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