Monday, May 26, 2014

Jolted - Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal

Releasing July 22, 2014

“Sometimes, something jolts you out of everything you have ever known, and it isn’t possible to go back to the way things were.”

Kallie Adam’s life is turned upside down when she loses her first love. When she can’t handle the pressure of her overbearing life anymore, she runs away.  Kallie has always been forced to live up to everyone’s expectations. When Kallie meets Ryder, she sees an opportunity to break out of the good girl life she always led.

Ryder Brooks has his own secrets and knows he is no good for the girl that showed up out of nowhere. He will only ruin her, like he ruins everything, but he can’t help wondering what she is running from. Ryder makes Kallie feel things she thought she would never feel again. Will he help Kallie heal or be her undoing? They will soon realize they have more in common than they knew, enough to keep them apart.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jolted: Chapter 1 Teaser!

Cover to Be Revealed Monday!

Chapter 1:

“Now, are you sure you have everything?” Carter asked me as we shoved the last box into the trunk of my car.
“Pretty sure,” I said, bouncing up on my toes to kiss him on the cheek.
“Okay, then. Please be careful driving home,” he warned me as he bent down and wrapped his arms around my waist. His blue eyes shone down on me as a lock of blond hair fell into his eyes. 
“Yes, sir. Good luck tomorrow, babe,” I said, smiling up at him and brushing the stray hair out of his face.
“Thank you, baby. I love you,” he smiled, kissing the tip of my nose. His gentle smile always set my heart at ease.
“I love you, too. Now, you better get out of here and get packing if you plan on leaving after the interview,” I teased and smacked his chest, feeling the muscles flex under my hand.
Carter laughed and leaned down to give me one last kiss. He got into his car next to mine and started to pull away. I waved to him as he pulled out, then turned to my roommate, Chloe. She gave me an exaggerated frown and pulled me in for a tight hug. We pulled away, showing tears forming in both our eyes. 
We lived together for all four years of college and I would miss her immensely. This was her last year at Georgetown, so I wouldn’t being seeing her in the fall when I returned for my masters degree. Her dark eyes were glistening as she tucked long, black hair behind her ear.
“Call me,” she demanded.
“Of course. We will have to get together. I’ll drive to Kentucky and get you if I have to,” I promised, squeezing her hand.
“Of course, darling. I’ll be there for your grad party,” she said, brightening up. 
“Great, I can’t wait. Love you, girlie,” I told her one last time before I got into the driver’s side of my loaded car. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coincidence? I think not!

Let me tell you a story about Light to the Darkness.

I started writing LTTD in Winter of 2012 and started posting chapter by chapter on FictionPress.

Someone, we shall call JB, commented and messaged on every post. He urged me to publish and offered encouragement throughout the entire process. He was my only and biggest fan.