Saturday, May 3, 2014

Coincidence? I think not!

Let me tell you a story about Light to the Darkness.

I started writing LTTD in Winter of 2012 and started posting chapter by chapter on FictionPress.

Someone, we shall call JB, commented and messaged on every post. He urged me to publish and offered encouragement throughout the entire process. He was my only and biggest fan.

One night, during one of our late night messages, he told me he really liked the hero, Lucas. He said it was also his favorite name.
He told me his brothers name was Lucas and the name holds a special meaning. It means LIGHT.

What? How perfect! I just liked the name and didn't think anything else of it. How could his name actually have such perfect meaning to his character. Because, that's what Lucas does, he brings light to Natalie (figuratively and literally). I almost didn't believe him, so I googled it. Sure enough:

I always thought this was cool :)  

Thank you JB!

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