Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Update - What is Alyne doing???


I've been a little hush-hush about what I've been up to lately so here is a little update about what will be coming up. Also news on the next Conflicted Encounters.

Last year, I started writing Jolted. I knew right away that it would be a series. It didn't take long to realize Kallie and Ryder would need two books to get their HEA.  As soon as I typed Scarlett's name, I knew she needed her own book. I was so excited for the characters and their stories that I flew through Impacted and Shaken. I couldn't wait to give Caleb, Ezra and maybe even Payton their very own book too.

Then the idea for Memorized hit me and I became obsessed with Willow and Landon. I loved writing their story. I promised myself I would get back to my series as soon as I got Willow and Landon their HEA.
So I did. While dealing with edits and release madness, I started Caleb's story: Clashed.
It was hard. The words are not putting out of me like everything else I wrote before.
I know Caleb. I've been with him for three books now so I feel he has a life of his own by now. I couldn't see him falling for anyone we already know so he needed an outsider. Madison was born. This took time. Creating a whole new character to mix in with a cast was tricky. She needed to be unique in her own way. She needed to be interesting enough for Caleb to want to know more. I needed to give her life like Kallie and Scarlett have.
So for a few months, Clash was poking along. Words here and there. Then I would delete it all and start over. Nothing felt right. I was frustrated and upset. I want the fourth book more than anyone.