Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Update - What is Alyne doing???


I've been a little hush-hush about what I've been up to lately so here is a little update about what will be coming up. Also news on the next Conflicted Encounters.

Last year, I started writing Jolted. I knew right away that it would be a series. It didn't take long to realize Kallie and Ryder would need two books to get their HEA.  As soon as I typed Scarlett's name, I knew she needed her own book. I was so excited for the characters and their stories that I flew through Impacted and Shaken. I couldn't wait to give Caleb, Ezra and maybe even Payton their very own book too.

Then the idea for Memorized hit me and I became obsessed with Willow and Landon. I loved writing their story. I promised myself I would get back to my series as soon as I got Willow and Landon their HEA.
So I did. While dealing with edits and release madness, I started Caleb's story: Clashed.
It was hard. The words are not putting out of me like everything else I wrote before.
I know Caleb. I've been with him for three books now so I feel he has a life of his own by now. I couldn't see him falling for anyone we already know so he needed an outsider. Madison was born. This took time. Creating a whole new character to mix in with a cast was tricky. She needed to be unique in her own way. She needed to be interesting enough for Caleb to want to know more. I needed to give her life like Kallie and Scarlett have.
So for a few months, Clash was poking along. Words here and there. Then I would delete it all and start over. Nothing felt right. I was frustrated and upset. I want the fourth book more than anyone.

Then I had a dream. A nightmare actually. When I woke up, I felt like I needed to write it down because it felt so real and my imagination was working harder than it had in months. I felt truly inspired like I had with my previous books. I glued to my laptop for eight hours that day. I sat on my back deck with the dogs and filled in the blanks of the nightmare. I finally had a story!

Sadly, it's not for Caleb and Madison. This is too dark and dangerous for them. This is a new world completely.

Clashed is still a work in progress. Everyday I think about it and get a few ideas here and there. I played with Light to the Darkness in my head for almost a year before actually typing anything. Jolted was several months and the entire way through Jolted and Impacted, I was planning Shaken. Clashed just needs some time to marinate and grow. Forcing a bunch of crap out just to get it published won't happen. It's not fair to the readers that are waiting for it. It's not fair to the characters either. I write because I have a idea and story I want to share, because I feel like I HAVE to write. Never because I am told to or because I should. There’s a quote somewhere from someone that said something like “Write because you have to. Not because you have to write.” There’s a difference.

I have been working really hard on this new idea that was so rude and had to interrupt. It's oddly fitting and when you meet the hero, you will get it. He just came barging in and demanded to be wrote, and he scares me a little so I am. I'm very close to sharing the title and description. I even think I have a release date. It will be this fall.

Then I will return to Clashed. I have plans for Caleb still and my new character Madison. Poor kids don’t know what’s coming. I even want to write for Ezra, Peyton and anyone else I toss into the mix. The best thing about being an indie writer is that I AM THE BOSS! I spend all day being told what to do and get to come home and tell imaginary people what to do. I only answer to myself and the readers. I can write whatever I want and release whenever I want.

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