Monday, September 26, 2016

Vivid Lies 99¢ for This Week Only!

Have you met twin sisters London and Brooklyn yet?

Find out what happens when two men enter their lives and test their bond. 

Two Girls. Two Boys. The math should be easy. What happens when things don’t go as they should?
Nothing goes as planned. Things are never as they seem. No one is who they say they are.

The lies are so vivid, they are almost real. 

Wordless Cover Reveal

Wordless - Cover Reveal

Coming November 28!

Shiloh is a secret. Locked away behind thick walls and armed guards. She is the only weakness of her dangerous and powerful father. She dreamed of the day she can escape and live a normal life.
Whispered promises lead her to a different dangerous and powerful man. Shiloh believes Pierce can give her freedom, as long as he never learns who she really is. Shiloh trades being one man’s secret to become another man's pawn.
What will Shiloh sacrifice to be free? Her family? Her voice?
Can she take a life for a chance to live the life she aways longed for?

Inspired by Han Andersen’s fairy tale The Little Mermaid (NOT the Disney version), taking place in the modern and human world.