Thursday, April 27, 2017

Misfit Excerpt Reveal!

4 Years Ago...

My heart is pounding as we race down the winding roads. September rolls down her window and sticks her hand out, playing with the wind. Her hair flies all over her face, but she doesn’t try to tame it. I think she actually likes it out of control. I do too. It suits her the best. 
“You’re a bad influence on me,” I tell her. 
“This was all your idea!” She puts her feet up on the dash, looking more relaxed than she should in a stolen car. 
“Yeah, but I’m doing this for you.”
She looks over at me, but I keep my eyes on the road. I feel her watching, but I steer us down the gravel road to the quarry. I park near the edge and shut the car off by disconnecting the wires. Pulling out my phone, I send a text Bennett telling him where to come get us.
“Why are you doing this for me?” she asks as we sit in the silence. 
“It’s not for you.” 
“You hate me.”
“But you’re mine to torment.”
September laughs and gets out of the car, slamming the door shut behind her. 
“Pissed you off already?” I call as I get out. “Get back here, September. You can’t walk the woods alone.”
“You don’t get to tell me what to do. I’m not sticking around just for your amusement.”
“Come back.” She stops walking but doesn’t turn around. I can barely see her outline in the dark. “I’ll be nice.”
Now she spins around and marches back to me. I lean against the car as she closes in, coming so close only inches separate us. 
“Why can’t you admit that you are doing something nice for me? Why do you always have to act like you don’t like me?”
“I don’t like you.” Even as I say the words, my hands find her hips. 
“No? I don’t believe that.”
“You should.” I pull her flush against my body. “Because I really hate you.”
She leans into me, and I can’t help but watch as her red lips spread into a smile. She’s toying with me. 
“What do you hate about me?” she whispers. 
“Everything. You’re nothing but trouble. You walk around in your torn tights and leather jackets. Your red hair and freckles. Your voice.”
September nods as I tick of the items. I can feel her heart beat against my chest, and I run my hands around to her lower back, pulling her tighter against me. 
“Is that true?” Her voice is barely heard, but I watch her lips say the words. 
“Every word.”
September tilts her head up and leans forward. Her lips brush my ear. “Next time you want to say you hate me, try saying it without poking your hard dick into my stomach.”

She pulls out of my hold just as headlights flash over us. A truck pulls up, blinding me from watching her walk away. 

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