Best Contemporary Bookshelves Types

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Modern Office Bookshelves

Contemporary bookshelves are available in a number of shapes, sizes and finishes. Modern styles can be chosen to meet personal preference and need to complete room decor. Creative bookshelves feature real unique designs and styles. You will find yourself amazed by the options on the market today. Best types are commonly in four. They are barrister, modular, leaning and shelf.

Barrister bookshelves are best in larger rooms especially living rooms and offices. A lot of floor space is needed to have these barrister types. Mostly, sliding out glass doors from the frame are significant features. They are meant to protect books from dust which keep them clean. Glass doors are see-through which mean you can see the books inside. They can become wonderful bookshelves as display decor too.

Modular bookshelves work great in any room’s type significantly. Creating a tall bookcase is possible with these modular contemporary bookshelves. This is meant to utilize wall space and floor space as well. You can create separated bookshelves in modular types. This means creative bookshelves are creatable to meet your personal preference and needs. Sizes and shapes are available in a wide variety to create real unique contemporary book storage ideas.

Leaning bookshelves are open-backed which give real attractive interest visually.  Ladder shelves are most popular which freestanding on the floor for a simple but unique storage for books. Installing on walls is also great with ladder bookshelves although would not be called leaning anymore.

Contemporary bookshelves have most common types in today’s trend of storing books. You can find 2, 3, 4, 5 and even more shelves to give what you need. Materials are wood, metal fiberglass as most common choices. To get some more inspirations about storing books, has great design ideas.

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IKEA has creative bookshelves to add your room significant way of decorating and storing books. If you have small spaces, white bookshelves will do it right for you. There are contemporary bookshelves for sale on the market so get them.

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