Best Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

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Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds

Make it stunning as focal point in your room! Contemporary fireplace mantels have unique designs. Shelves and surrounds are featured with beauty and functionality. Great look and cozy atmosphere because of produced heat are for sure very enjoyable. Living up your room with a fireplace installed is a luxury and privilege. Accessorizing the fireplace can be done through different ideas. Check these out to learn and find out and eventually fond of it.

In order to affect your room decor, there are several ways to do. You need to be careful in choosing so that not to make any mistake. Mistake makes a waste of time, effort and cash. Having a mantel on your fireplace can be made using different shelves. There are different materials to choose from.

It is always wise choosing wood for the mantels. Contemporary fireplace mantels from wood have many great benefits. Easy to install, versatile, affordable and popular among DIYers are some of them. Oak is the most superior kind of wood. It has versatility at significant value and classy in appearance.

Other wood kinds are maple, cherry, pine, alder and hemlock. Each of the wood has different specifications and features to learn before making the choice.

What are drawbacks of wood for the fireplace mantels? Highly flammable is one of major issues. Just make sure of safety so that the mantel not too close to the fire.

Contemporary mantels for fireplaces are also made of stone, brick, concrete and metal. Each has also certain specs. Measurement and price are considerable things. Whatever your choice is going to be, make it stunning with contemporary mantel ideas for your room focal point.

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