Choosing Best Contemporary Curtain Rods Tips

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Contemporary Shower Curtain Rods

Contemporary curtain rods are more decorative than functionality. Choosing mixing and matching curtain rods with existing furnishings is an important element of decor. When it comes to most popular materials today, chrome and stainless steel are rocking the trend. Others are PVC, aluminum and wood. If you are DIYers, making your own curtains rods from materials like antler or any possible items is cool. Kitchen hooks are popular in becoming an alternative material option.

Measurements matter in determining quality installation of your curtain rods. Allow extra inches on either side of windows. This is the very basic idea in how to make the curtain rods. Make sure about strong installation of wall brackets for curtain rods too.

Where to buy best curtain rods? We do believe in West Elm as one of the greatest places to find some. Contemporary drapery hardware is for sure to become decorative feature in your windows and shower.

What are the types of contemporary curtain rods? Cafe rods are usable without any use of rings. These curtain rods are offered in different finishes like stainless steel and chrome in contemporary style. Other types are wide curtains rods, sash rods and narrow curtain rods. Each of them has different specs to learn.

Contemporary curtain rods can be installed whether on the wall or the window frame. When it comes to window frame installation, oak wood has high quality. You can drill a few holes to install the rods fitly. You do not have to worry about your window frames at all. Just use plaster to mend the excessive and unwanted holes.

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West Elm has great offerings on discount curtain rods. You can find contemporary curtain rods and hardware at best prices.

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