Contemporary Door Hardware Styles

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Contemporary Barn Door Hardware Kit

Contemporary door hardware-Choosing door hardware will not be the toughest home improvement decision you ever made, but it takes some consideration. Several factors affect the door hardware selection including style, function and safety. A trip to the local home improvement store will reveal several options when it comes to door hardware. Knowing what you need and want before you go shopping helps to limit choice.

Decide how much you want to spend on door hardware. You’ll find a variety of price options to limit your expenses before you head to the store keeps things under control. Assess your existing door hardware. Decide what you like and dislike about their style, design, functionality and finish. Keeping these things in mind when choosing your new contemporary door hardware.

Measure thickness of the door. Some door hardware work better based on the thickness of the door. Read the specifications for each door options to ensure it will work with your door thickness. Look at the overall style of the home. Sleek, modern door hardware will ensure their place in a traditional home. Choose a contemporary door hardware style that matches the overall style home. Select the type of metal finish you want on the door hardware. Think of other metal finish in the area and your personal preferences.

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