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Contemporary kitchen faucets – A faucet sink spray can be use to rewashing vegetables, clearing food from bowls or rinsing down the sink surface. Whether to repair a broken spray head, add a new hose clogged with sediment build-up or simply add this new feature. And was not include in the original fixture, install or replace a kitchen faucet spray is a simple procedure and adds a useful tool to your kitchen sink.

Turn off the water supply to the contemporary kitchen faucets on the two supply valves under the sink. And then open the faucet lever to release some water back into the faucet spout. Then loosen and remove the brass hex jam nut from the bottom of the kitchen faucet. Locate under the sink or on the equipment connection. This stopper is typically located at the end of a copper tube, which are grouped together. And slightly longer than the water line connection to the center of the fixture base.  Remove metal whole insert from the sink rim, which is next to the main water valve housing. Then by prying it out with the tip of a screwdriver.

Insert the syringe holder threaded bolt up through the sink hole and secure the holder in place with chrome. Before connecting end of the new sink spray hose down through the syringe holder. And then insert the hose until the syringe handle slides into the cradle. Apply a layer of Teflon tape to the threaded end of the connecting pipe sprayer hose, wrapping the tape clockwise. Connect the new injection hose is hexagonal connecting nut to the end of the copper water pipe under the sink base and tighten until snug, then use a wrench to turn the nut clockwise 1/4 turn to complete the tightening. Turn the water supply to the contemporary kitchen faucets again on the two valves under the sink.

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