Contemporary Shower Curtains Design

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Contemporary Shower Curtain Hooks

Contemporary shower curtains come in many designs and colors to accentuate the look of your bathroom. One way to protect your contemporary shower curtains is by lining the inside of the curtain. When you line a shower curtain, holding water and soap from the inside of the curtain. Most shower curtain liners are plastic or vinyl and repel soap scum for quick cleaning. Lining up the same way shower curtain installations on your rod.

Place the contemporary shower curtains flat on the floor with the inside of the curtain against you. Place the shower curtain liner over the shower curtain, lining up the holes in the top of the curtain and liner. The smooth side of the liner should be facing you with ridged or rough texture side against the curtain. Put your shower curtain hooks through the holes in the shower curtain and liner. If you use the shower hoops, do not turn off the bow when you put them through holes. Hole spacing is universal on shower curtains and shower liners.

Lift the shower curtain and liner with hooks and stand in front of the shower rod. The curtain should be facing up with the liner to the shower. Mount contemporary shower curtains hooks on the shower rod. If you use loops, unlock hoops closed when they are on the shower rod. Move down in the shower liner inside the bath or shower and see the bottom of the curtain on the outside.

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