Craft Ideas For Contemporary Kitchen Curtains

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Multicolor Contemporary Kitchen Curtains

Contemporary kitchen curtains – Kitchen craft is both fun to make and useful to have on hand. Crafters can create unique kitchen curtains from simple elements using their crafting skills. If your kitchen curtains require updating, do not run out to buy new. See what you can make in no time with items like scarves, tea towels and vintage aprons.

Scour your ceiling and chests of drawers for old or newer bandannas or beautiful scarves that match or complement your kitchen decor. Fold each scarf in a perfect triangle and iron with spray starch to keep it stiff. Slip fold each scarf over a curtain rod or cafe, then the point is facing downward. Use at least two scarves per rod, overlapping edges as needed. These make wonderful options for contemporary kitchen curtains that allow plenty of natural light in while creating a finished look at the same time.

Stitch simple limits on large tea towels with coordinating cotton fabric. Let the space inside the seam to slide a curtain or cafe bar through. One may choose to add the edges on all four sides of each towel or just the top and bottom of each one. Beautify the bottom of each towel with a strip of decorative tassels. And which can be found in the notions department at your sewing supply or craft store. As a result, these make perfect contemporary kitchen curtains for the window over the sink. Then you can admire them every time you are there to wash your dishes.

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