Installing Contemporary Door Handles

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Contemporary Door Handles Brass

Contemporary Door Handles – While your patio door may still be in great shape. You cannot say the same about the door handle of your yard. After many years of pushing, pulling and abuse, handle your patio door may be on its last leg. Collect information on the current door handle – as your measurements and style – so you can buy a suitable replacement for the door handle of your yard.

Gather information from patio contemporary door handles. Use a tape measure to collect information on the door handle of your yard. Handles patio door will be or not clear (which are screwed into the face of your door frame with the lock on the handle) or recessed (right fit under the door with a lock additional shroud slid in). Handles freestanding patio door, simply unscrew the two screws holding the old handles together and remove the handles. Replace them with new handles and two new screws screw, included in the new package handle.

Surface mount locks most are interchangeable so you should have no trouble matching the screw holes. For an installation of patio door mortise handle. Unscrew the two old screws located inside the contemporary door handles and pull the old handle. You may notice two screws on the edge of the shroud of the patio door.

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