Paint The Contemporary Bathroom Rugs

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Nice Contemporary Bathroom Rugs

Contemporary bathroom rugs – perhaps you have seen articles or television shows where a designer paints a complicated checkered or striped pattern on an old carpet. The possibilities for design and colors are endless. The finished rug will be a lot cheaper than buying a new carpet and it will perfectly match the color scheme of your home because you want to choose the colors. If you do not feel that you can jump right in and paint the carpet in your living room, try to start out with your bathroom carpet. It’s a great way to test whether you like the result without destroying a very expensive carpet

Paint the contemporary bathroom rugs; thoroughly clean the carpet to remove sand and other substances. If the rug is machine washable, you can wash it that way. But avoid using fabric softener as it will keep the paint from sticking properly. Then place the blanket down on a piece of cloth. Carpets are porous and the paint will seep through and damage the floor underneath. And then create a design idea on paper. Draw a detailed sketch of your design, including the measurements and colors.

As a result, tape your design using low-tack masking tape. You can paint carpet with tile table, stripes or an asymmetrical pattern. Secure a stencil to the carpet to apply a more detailed design. Paint contemporary bathroom rugs using a foam brush and your first paint color fabric. Dip the foam brush in the paint and dab lightly on the carpet. Continue to add paint until you get the depth of color you want. Step back often to evaluate your work. Allow the paint to dry completely. And then remove the tape. Tape off another section to add another color of paint based on your design.

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