Painted Contemporary Floor Vases

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Contemporary Floor Vases Large

Contemporary Floor Vases – Many times we buy or vases that give us are very simple and why not say a bit ugly. The nice thing is the fact mud if we do not like the design but the way they can decorate it to your liking.  Paint is one of the best options and one of the easiest to access for all. The first thing you must do is to sand the vase to remove the protective layer or enamel that covers it. And all the original painting so little we like.

Once this step and chosen the acrylic paints. To give the first coat of white paint for drawing back better grip. You can also previously applied brushstrokes of a mixture of white glue and water to close the pores of the contemporary floor vases. Now the reasons painted each are free and your taste. It may simply be different shades, shapes or still life’s style. Flowers and fruits are very beautiful decorative clay creations for these elements. If you do not have a steady hand, a cardboard or cardboard template you can help refine the shapes.

Then he painted the sand and has drawn up this funny reason. Finally, entire contemporary floor vases with a layer of varnish or a protective paint. You can also use this mixture that I talked about before glue and water. So you will achieve lasting protection for your new vases.

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